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Top Quality Welsh Lamb for Sale

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Near the foot of this page, you can email me, or obtain detailed prices.

View of Welsh Hills

What Price the Nation's Countryside ?

What Price the Nation's Health ?

What Price Your Own Health ?

Here is an opportunity to help the countryside and your own health.

If you care only for yourself, but are not too concerned about your own health, then read no further.

If, however, you do care about your health and that of others, including that of your family and friends, then there may be something here for you.

Certainly, if sufficient people do not support initiatives like this one, you will have less and less choice about healthy food from trustworthy sources. Furthermore, there will be little countryside left worth visitting. It will either revert to brambles and scrub, or become a sort of museum presided over by time serving bureaucratic park wardens.

So what is this web page about ? It is about,

Welsh Lamb, from the Welsh Hills, Delivered to Your Doorstep.

(Well, it may be delivered to a friend nearby, for reasons of economy and practicality, see later.)
Welsh Lamb is one of the purest meats there is. This lamb will come from the hills you see in the picture above.

We are offering you the chance to buy this premium meat at a reasonable price. We know, personally, everyone involved in the supply chain, except for those who run the abattoir we shall be using. But that abattoir is highly regulated by the Government, and is used by someone in the business whose judgment we trust. After all, this matter is not just about health, it is about trust, trust in healthy food. Let us ask ourselves these simple questions, What Price Cheap Food ? Isn't Poor Health, Far too High a Price ? So, it all comes down to the bottom line, the price that anyone is willing to pay. We believe that we have put together a scheme that will give a fair value to everyone involved, the Welsh sheep farmer at the start of the chain, whose family I have known for four generations, those in the middle of the chain who include ourselves and friends, and you, at the end of the chain. I am John Nolan, my wife is Carole. It is likely that you have either received this direct from us, because you are a personal friend, or a mutual friend will have passed on a copy to you.

Our aim is to establish a sustainable supply of one of the World's most wholesome meats. The meat that we can supply does not come from an infinite source and so, if you miss this initial opportunity, you may "miss the bus" with us. However, if you do decide to buy a first order, you will have booked yourself in.

There is always a risk in any business start up. We cannot afford to make a loss on our first delivery, of about £2,000 for a quarter ton of lamb. If we make a loss on our first delivery, that will be that. We want to be able to finance a new and worthwhile business in which everyone is valued fairly. We shall be always open to discussion and constructive comment. If you help us get this off the ground, you will be eligible for a permanent discount. Right now, I don't know how much, but probably of the order of 5% - 10%. I shall not go into any more detail here except to give a little arithmetic.

¸ We shall be delivering, initially, along routes between Gloucester and London these include the A40 and Cirencester or Bristol and M4

¸ We need to sell about £10 worth for every mile of our journey so if you are, say, 20 miles off a main route, we need to be able to drop off £200 - £300's worth

¸ Ideally, we wish to make drops worth at least £100 per drop. So, if you were willing to receive for yourself and two friends, or neighbours, you could make up a total order of about that £100.

¸ As some of you will realise, buying this way is not the same as going to a shop and seeing what you want to buy. Precise weights will vary.
What will be guaranteed for a particular order is price by weight.

¸ Here is an indication of some likely prices, but click on the following link for current prices.
All joints and cuts will be individually bagged.
If you buy half a lamb, weighing about 7kg. at £3-£4/kg. it will cost you £21-£28
½lamb = 2 x ½ legs, loinchops, chops, shoulder, breast The most expensive joint bought individually would be £6-£8/kg.
There is a price advantage of roughly 30% in buying all the joints for ½lamb in one order

For more detailed information, please email me at johnolan@argonet.co.uk.