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About Me, My Family, Ancestors of Wider Interest

About Me

About My Family

War Years.

During WW2 we lived in Cranleigh, Surrey. I Remember well that our telephone no. was Cranleigh 400 and Jane Willoughby, a friend was Cranleigh 318. I remember this useless information because, in 1947, we moved to Beaconsfield during the big freeze and our new telephone no. was Beaconsfield 319. Anyway, to return to Cranleigh and Jane Willoughby. We had quite a few soldiers billeted on us, including several Canadians. Amongst those whose names I remember were Jim Carson and Major Con. Another, I only know as Painter.

Ancestors of Wider Interest


Most Europeans could claim Charlemagne as an ancestor. In my case, what is surprising is that - IIRC - my maternal grandfather - an Archdeacon, you know, a one point in his returement, wrote to the chief herald of Somerset and found this indirect line, all 31 generations or so.

Seeing that Charlemagne lived about 800 A.D. that is about right with 30 generations to a thousand years.

I seem to remember that king Rollo, of the Danes, is mentioned, and there is a William Waldegrave about 7 generations back.

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