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Lamb Joints - More Detail

High Quality Welsh Lamb Delivered to Your Door.

Or a point close to you and Subject to Availability.
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¸ As some of you will realise, buying this way is not the same as going to a shop and seeing what you want to buy. Precise weights will vary.
What will be guaranteed for a particular order is price by weight.

¸ Here is an indication of some likely prices at present - all joints and cuts will be individually bagged.
If you buy half a lamb, weighing about 7.5kg. at £4/kg. it will cost you £30
½lamb = 2 x ½ legs (or 1 leg, if you prefer), loinchops, chops, shoulder, breast.
The most expensive joint bought individually would be £6-£8/kg.
There is a price advantage of roughly 30% in buying all the joints for ½lamb in one order

At the moment my web design skills are somewhat limited. You may prefer me to post you a sheet that you can photocopy and spread around a bit. If you wish to have such a sheet, or have more up-to-date information via email, please email me at johnolan@argonet.co.uk. This will give much the same information that follows :-

Lamb Joints

Prices for September/October, 2000

  • bulk discounts by negotiation
  • to help keep costs down, we would like to make drops of at least £100 worth
    neighbours and friends could agree to pick up from the drop point

Here some prices by way of example, prices ukp/kg. are correct, but actual wts. will vary.
Example :- 1/2 lamb weighs 7.5 kg.
Average cost of above ukp/kg. :- 4.0

Approx. proportions/wt. of half lamb and price if joints bought individually :-
  Joint/Cut          weight                            and                                  price     
Wt.kg.(lb.)    Approx. %     Price ukp/kg.(/lb.)      Total Price ukp.      Approx. %
1 leg2.25(4.95) 30 7.19(3.27)        16.20     36
loin chops1.12(2.47)158.00(3.63)      9.00    20
chops1.12(2.47)156.40(2.90)      7.20    16
1 shoulder1.87(4.12)254.80(2.18)      9.00    20
breast0.37(0.82) 53.20(1.45)      1.20      2
offal0.75(1.65)101.60(0.72)      1.20      2

A. Total price of half lamb if bought in one order if bought in one order = 30.00ukp ) N.
B. Total price of half lamb if bought as individual joints at different times = 43.80ukp
C. Half carcases can be supplied at = £26.25 (£52.50 for a whole)
A. and B. Apply where customer buys half a lamb
B. is simply the sum total of prices of joints/cuts in list above. Anyone who buys a half lamb could use the joint prices as a guide for selling to friends.
All joints are supplied in plastic bags and labelled with joint description and wt.

Note that these figures are only an approximate guide for lambs vary in weight like any other living creature.

This type of buying, where you do not see in advance what you are buying, does carry a degree of uncertainty.

What is fixed for any particular order is the cost per kg.
There can be a lead time, from order to delivery etc. of up to 3 - 4 weeks during business start-up
However, we may have several 1/2 lambs in deep freezers - so please get in touch
We have had many delighted customers.